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St. Blaise Annual Festa: Dubrovnik honours its patron saint

St. Blaise’s popularity is enormous in Dubrovnik. His name is associated with the city for centuries.

According to the legend, during the 10th century, the city was visited by Venetian forces arriving by sea and requesting supplies for their journey eastwards. Their real plan was to surprise Dubrovnik and invade it. On the eve of February 3rd, St. Blaise miraculously appeared to a local priest, warning for the Venetian spies. Dubrovnik prepared for an attack, but the Venetians left the city as quickly as they had arrived. The people of Dubrovnik recognized their liberation as a special grace of St. Blaise and designated him as their patron. St. Blaise’s glory in Dubrovnik has continued since then.

To honour the saint and remember the legend, Dubrovnik holds an Annual Festival of St. Blaise around his name day on February 3rd. The program includes a whole series of cultural events, exhibitions, concerts, shows, the presentation of books and magazines, as well as lectures and workshops on the theme of St. Blaise and his Festa. The main part of the festival features a procession through the city, in which the statue of St. Blaise is carried by the local person dressed in traditional costume, followed by a religious service in the St. Blaise Church. The St. Blaise church is one of the most important churches in Dubrovnik. It is located in the Old Town (at the end of the main street Stradun) and is well-known for its baroque façade.

For the program of St. Blaise’s Festa check the website of Dubrovnik’s Tourist Board:

We wish our staff and partners in Dubrovnik a lovely week of celebrations.